Garnier BB Cream – ‘The Perfectionists Challenge’


Hello Perfectionists,

Garnier BB Cream is running an interesting campaign on their Facebook page where you can stand a chance to win chance to win Garnier BB Cream goodies! Amazing, isn’t it ? Read more for details. :)




As a generation, we are plagued to the ‘Its okay” or the “chalta hai” attitude towards everything around us! More than anything it weighs us down, its a crusher of possibility! And the only way to counter that is – to strive for ‘Perfection!’

The motto of this campaign is eradicate this “chalta hai” attitude from the our minds! Everyone is perfect, we just need to find that ‘Perfectionist’ in ourselves!

Garnier BB Cream is running an application – ‘The Perfectionists Challenge’, where fans are coming and telling them what they are ‘Perfect’ at. They have an option of simply writing what they are perfect at, or they could upload a picture, a YouTube link or an audio, telling us why they think they are ‘Perfectionists’. Some of these entries also have a chance to win Garnier BB Cream goodies!

Here is the link to ‘The Perfectionists Challenge':

I hope you girls participate and win some amazing goodies. Don’t forget to drop a comment to let me know about you participation.

All the best ! <3

Strive for perfection, be a ‘Perfectionist!’

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