Aroma Magic Beauty Pack – Review

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack - Review

Face packs are very important in my skin routine and I have stuck to the good old Multani Mitti and Besan (gram flour) pack for ages now. After reading so many raves about the Aroma Magic Beauty Pack, I decided to give it a shot. Will it be my HG face pack ? Read more to find out.

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack includes extracts of clove, aloe vera, orange peel, nutmeg, Indian penny worth, acid fruit extracts, grape seed, oat flower, alpha hydroxyl acid, fruit extracts and pure essential oils of orange, neroli and pettigrain. It offers intensive conditioning and deep cleansing particularly for dry skin.

Features And Benefits :

  • Aroma Magic Beauty Pack helps your skin turn fresh and smooth.
  • It has extracts of aloe vera, clove, orange peel and grape seed.

Composition : 

Orange Peel, Aloe Vera, Clove, Yeast, Nutmeg, Indian Penny Worth, Oat Flower, Clove, Grape Seed, Oils of Neroli and Myrrh.

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack - Review

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack - Review

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack - Review

My review :

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack comes in a white tub packaging with red screw lid. I am very confused about my opinion with tub packaging, I find it convenient to use and sometime it find it unhygienic. What do you think ? Anyways, I have started to use a spatula for my tubs now. 😛 The quantity is very deceiving since it look like a full jar but actually its just half the tub. I noticed it only when I came towards the end of the jar. 😉

I like the texture of this pack. Its creamy and waxy and spreads on easily on my damp face. It has a mild fragrance (I can’t find a name for it ) which can be really bothersome but thankfully it vanishes really quick. When applied, I can feel a little tingling effect which might be due to AHA. If you are not aware, AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a skin care ingredient which has the ability to to reduce the signs of ageing and to improve acne. Unlike other packs, this one doesn’t stretch or feel uncomfortable on my skin. The face is supposed to be on for 20 mins but for some reason its doesn’t dry up on me in the said time. It also consumes some time to get rid of this pack with water.

I can immediately notice a glow on my face post washing. My skin feels soft and hydrated. I don’t think it removes the dirt or helps with tightening the pores but it has kept succeeded to keep my occasional acne’s away (AHA again). However, it hasn’t done much on the brightening part but I still like it for the overall effect.

Overall, I would say its a decent pack if you are looking for a healthy looking skin. I would like to try other packs in this range. :)

Why I liked it ?

  • Creamy texture of the pack.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Contains AHA.
  • Instant Glow.
  • Made my skin soft, supple and hydrated.
  • Helped in treating occasional acne’s.

Why I didn’t like it ?

  • Fragrance.
  • Deceiving packaging.
  • Takes ages to dry.
  • No brightening effect.

Rating : 

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack is priced at Rs. 215 for 50gm and can be bought from here.

Have you tried the Aroma Magic Beauty Pack ? Which is your HG face pack ?


  1. i think natural/homemade packs are much better than any in market….i too love besan pack 😉 and my simple honey and lemon pack

  2. I just cant have enough of AM packs ever !! Super love this !

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